Is this the weediest mascara yet? Essence On and On mascara fails to go on at all

19 Apr

Ah here now, I find myself wanting to say. Except that it wouldn’t be to any person, merely pointless raging against a small blue shiny tube which I paid all of €2.49 for. In other words, it would be fairly pointless.

The mascara in question is Essence’s ‘Stays On and On and On’. I kind of liked the name- reminds me of my youth misspent listening to Basement Jaxx- and the packaging is pleasingly metallic and compact (unlike this recent, truly ludicrous oversized launch from Max Factor..). And cheap, which is a big factor in spending on mascara for me. They’re gonna be dried-up in a month or two, so what’s the point in spending mega-money on the most perishable part of your makeup bag?

Me being Morose with My Moronic Mascara

Thing is I’m slowly starting to find that you get what you pay for. The Lancóme Hypnose that I nabbed from my mom back a few months ago was so wonderful. And costs roughly ten times what I spent on this Essence shiz. But I at least expected it to be.. perfunctory. But the biggest problem with this mascara is lack of effect. It may stay on and on (significantly better than my 17 Wild Curls stuff, which melts halfway down my face after a couple of hours). But it takes about four repeated coats to even get it to show.

I’m all for everyday, workplace-friendly subtlety, but this takes it to another level. NO definition, NO length, NO volume to speak of. Complete and utter waste of dough.

Looking back over my mascara posts on this blog, I’m only noticing now just how pathetically predictable I am! I’m too stingy to spend the demanded €10-20 on product, and consequently am being disappointed over and over by rubbish cheap stuff.  As dear old Mannix said on his campaign, why make the same mistakes over and over, and expect a different outcome- ARGH!

Ok Mannix Flynn and budget mascara have nothing to do with eachother. Maybe I’m just lost in venting annoyance. But change is at hand: the quest begins now for the perfect mascara. It’s going to be like one of those dating scene montages in a cheesy film: too melty, too thick, too wet, too dry, too inky, too charcoal…

Except there won’t be any handsome men involved. Only lash wands and sales assistants in Boots. YAY!

2 Responses to “Is this the weediest mascara yet? Essence On and On mascara fails to go on at all”

  1. Hanna (sweden) 03/11/2011 at 7:11 pm #

    I actually LOVE this mascara. Its really great on me. Last long, no panda eyes, and lots of colour on my really blond lashes, no need for a second coat :)
    Wierd we have such different oppinion on this one :)
    But to be honest, the mascaras of Lancóme are the best. And if you have the money you buy that one rather than the cheap one.


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